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New Developments in New York are back

July 15th, 2012


for the past couple of years it's been quiet around new developments here in New York. Now there will be a new influx of projects coming on soon. Opportunity knocks...

A quick refresh course in home staging

​July 14th, 2012

Always good to see the essential tips reminded. As pointed out on my twitter post this morning the most important tip/tweak before selling any apartment is painting. After that it's de-cluttering but see full list in article below.

Our new app
July 13th, 2012

Yes our new mobile app for iphone, blackberry, android or ipad is online. Have a look on your mobile device. It's easy and less graphics. No worries with downloading a lot of data here...​      

Oh and no worries remembering our website address. It'll automatically redirect you to our mobile site when you use any mobile device.   

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