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30-year mortgage rate falls to record 3.56%

July 12th, 2012


Yes we are in the mid 3 for a 30 year mortgage. Looks like people going to keep trying to catch up with refinancing

New York Consumer Tips - How to buy

​July 11th, 2012

New York is very unique place regarding property variations, rules and regulations. Too often I get even the experienced real estate investor confused with certain New York market rules. From needing an attorney to complex approval porcess etc. Read a great introductions here...

New York Consumer Tips - How to rent
July, 10th 2012

Oh well, what can I say. Single most important part to know about renting in New York City is the broker's fee. Yes, unfortunately the customer (future tenant) has to pay the fee. I get many customers form other parts of the US or overseas and they are always taken back by the steep fees associated with a rental. The market with little inventory controls the direction. Hence the person searching has to pay for finding a great property. Yes, not my favorite part as well. I'd rather would have the landlord pay just like in Florida or California but read on for more...

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